Haley's Blurb

Ok, TBH, I sort of wrestled with the book choice for this month. Like, it's January, everyone is on a New Year's Resolution kick, and I wanted to pick a title that *future me* would read. You know, the same version of me that wakes up at 5 AM to do meditation? So- I did it. I picked this really intense book about the craving mind and how to break bad habits written by a legit doctor. It was the perfect choice on paper to usher MDJ Reads into the new decade except when I tried to read it... I was BORED. And like... unhappy lol. And this New Years, while of course I have resolutions to stop pressing my snooze button and to drink more water, I also have a resolution to do more things that just straight up make me happy. And reading about Anna Wintour's come-up makes me sooo freaking happy. 

So, that's why we are reading Anna Wintour: What Lies Beneath The Chic Exterior of Vogue's Editor In Chief. This is a book I truly cannot put down. One that I have carried with me nonstop since starting it in the hopes I will have a free second to pour over some of the pages. A book that I want to read instead of watching TV! This New Year thing is great but like... maybe things don't  have to be so serious. You deserve to have fun and be entertained and inspired. And what inspires me is reading about incredibly chic & powerful women who will themselves to the top! 


She's ambitious, driven, insecure, needy, a perfectionist―and she's considered the most powerful force in the more than $100 billion fashion industry. She's Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue, the world's fashion bible. With her signature Louise Brooks bob, trademark sunglasses, and glamorous furs, she's a sexy international diva, gossiped about the world over. As famed designed Oscar de la Renta declares, "She's a star."

How did Wintour, who quit school over the length of her hemline, and who had no real writing or communication skills, rise to the pinnacle of the fashion magazine world? Based on scores of interviews with present and former friends and colleagues, Front Row is the scrupulously researched, often shocking life story of this enigmatic icon―a candid portrait of a fashion-obsessed teenager in Swinging Sixties London who claws her way up the ivory tower in New York. It is also an intimate examination of Wintour's personal passions and needs, her loves lost and won, and her feuds and achievements. Anna Wintour's story is an inside look at one of the world's most influential women as well as the catty, competitive bitch-eat-bitch world of fashion. Meow!