Haley's Blurb

Building an empire? This is the book for you. Martha Stewart cooked hers up from scratch! She started as a model, then became a stockbroker and finally- found her throne as the Queen of the Domestic Arts!
You'll learn all about her come-up in this juicy tell-all and get to know the ruthless business woman hiding behind that perfect Martha Stewart image. America's first female self-made billionaire burnt a ton of bridges on her way up!! But- I'm not sure I blame her. It was such a different time & I'm a tiny bit convinced she would never have gotten where she has without being a bit ruthless. So, even though she legit went to jail for obstruction of justice, I still love her and acknowledge that Martha walked so that all of us She-E-Os can run.
Anyways, can you just TRUST ME for once & read this book. I promise you, it's a page-turner & the cover is chic but it's juicy enough to escape into over the holidays. 


A tell-all account of the life of the renowned hostess and domestic expert recounts her rise to fame as a writer and television star and uncovers the secrets behind her pristine image