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After cultivating an engaged audience of self-starters on Instagram, Haley aka @MrsDowJones launched her book club, #MDJReads. The goal? To get everyone smart, paid and reading. 

Each month, the bookclub has a theme designed to help members thrive personally & professionally. From negotiating to personal finance, #MDJreads is all about getting members to read books that drive results. In the past, the mark of an educated person was how much they knew but now what really matters is admitting what you don’t know. A life-long learner, Haley is fostering a community where members can ask questions and walk away with value adds each month. 

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Past Books

November 2020

Whatever The Opposite of ADHD Is

Famously yes, I have ADHD. And the current "situation" in the world has done nothing but make it WORSE. Which is why I picked up...
October 2020


Hey hotties, I am beyond confused how it is October but also happy because I LOVE Halloween candy. Something about the tiny serving size makes...
September 2020

Self Promotion

Hello all you fall cuties. I am currently wearing a Pumpkin Spice KNEE BRACE as I got knee surg in August and am still deep...
July 2020


  This month is very crazy for me. I am starting SCHOOL, it's my birthday, and there's a ton of things happening at MDJ that...
June 2020


  June 2020 is a crazy time. In case you read this blurb a year from now and things are more settled, let me remind...
May 2020


Being in quarantine has been really interesting for me habit-wise. And by interesting I mean, annoying because I can’t hide from the ones I don’t...
April 2020


I don't know about you but I have been feeling out of control of my freaking life. We are living through unprecedented times! It's bizarre....
March 2020


The other day I was minding my own damn business, searching the web and I stumbled upon a statistic that truly made me GASP- only...
February 2020


Hey hotties. Welcome to February- the month of ~love.~ Whether or not you have an official Valentine (Andrew, text me back...), you can still celebrate the...
January 2020


Ok, TBH, I sort of wrestled with the book choice for this month. Like, it's January, everyone is on a New Year's Resolution kick, and I wanted to...
December 2019


It's December! Let's read Think and Grow Rich! It's basically the Barbour Jacket or Kelly Bag of a self-starter's bookshelf: it's a classic that never...
November 2019


Building an empire? This is the book for you. Martha Stewart cooked hers up from scratch! She started as a model, then became a stockbroker...
October 2019


Like finance, building & scaling a company AIN'T taught in schools and frankly, I'm not a natural at it! So, I decided to read the...
September 2019

Problem Solve

I am SO excited for the book this month. Bradley Tusk is a legendary VC who basically functions as the Ray Donovan of Silicon Valley...
August 2019


It’s August, my Dow Jonesies, which means you’re probably OOO & looking for the perfect beach read. Well- Billion Dollar Whale is just that. It’s...
July 2019


Ok, feel blessed you guys bc July's bookclub pick is Own It by Sallie Krawcheck. Krawcheck is a LEGEND. She's literally regarded as one of the most...
June 2019


Until I read this, I never realized that I’m constantly negotiating. Whether I’m negotiating with myself bc I want a gluten-free corn muffin but am...
May 2019


For the first pick of #MDJReads, Logan & I decided to jump right in HUNNY. This is a VERY important book. It is not a...