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After cultivating an engaged audience of self-starters on Instagram, Haley aka @MrsDowJones decided to leverage her brand to promote personal growth. She partnered with Logan Cohen, founder of Kudzoo App, Forbes 30 Under 30, to create #MDJReads- a book club focused on getting her audience smart, paid and reading. 

Each month, the bookclub has a theme designed to help members thrive personally & professionally. From negotiating to personal finance, #MDJreads is all about getting members to read books that drive results. In the past, the mark of an educated person was how much they knew but we strongly believe that now what really matters is admitting what you don’t know. Life-long learners, Haley & Logan are fostering a community where members can ask questions and walk away with value adds each month.

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Past Books

August 2019


It’s August, my Dow Jonesies, which means you’re probably OOO & looking for the perfect beach read. Well- Billion Dollar Whale is just that. It’s...
July 2019


Ok, feel blessed you guys bc July's bookclub pick is Own It by Sallie Krawcheck. Krawcheck is a LEGEND. She's literally regarded as one of the most...
June 2019


Until I read this, I never realized that I’m constantly negotiating. Whether I’m negotiating with myself bc I want a gluten-free corn muffin but am...
May 2019


For the first pick of #MDJReads, Logan & I decided to jump right in HUNNY. This is a VERY important book. It is not a...