Zoom Like a Pro


I am the QUEEN of Zoom.

Literally I got Bat Mitzvahed on Zoom.

I have ALL the secrets for how to succeed in these types of meetings.

Don't mess around!

You gotta stay professional even if you ain't physically in👏the👏office👏

Here are my TOP TIPS on how to NAIL a Zoom Meeting. 

1. Dress for Success
Wear things that make you feel confident and put together. And DON’T do that thing where you’re business up-top, party on the bottom and don’t put on proper pants. If you half-ass your outfit I’m gonna assume you half-ass your workload...

2. Find The Perfect Backdrop
You want one that is casual but also professional. And if you’re crunched for space and you have to show your bed in the background, make sure it’s made! Oh, and if you have glasses put them on. And don’t show your kids or pets in the call.

3. Check Yourself
Look in the Photobooth before you join to make sure you don’t have kale in your teeth - wow you’re so quirky.

4. Don’t Be Late
You have no excuse to be late- you’re in quarantine.

5. Take Notes
It’s WAY TOO EASY to online shop during the Zoom. If you force yourself to note take, that’s simply not an option. 

6. Mute Yourself When You’re Not Talking

7. Have Another Meeting Scheduled After the Call

8. Conclude the call with asking what the next steps are and then get out of there!