WTF is...Bullish vs. Bearish?

If you’ve ever read anything about the stock market, you’ve probably heard the terms “bullish” and “bearish” used a LOT. So now I remember what they mean by thinking about my love life. Confused? Let me explain…

So if I am bullish about a man it means that I think he will increase in value over time. I feel good about him. Maybe he works at Foot Locker right now, but you know what? So did Kevin Hart when he was starting out and now he’s worth $62 million dollars.

Bullish means I believe that his stock will go up, that he’s a good investment. Like, I would never Instagram a pic with a dude unless I felt hella bullish about our future. I believe in him. I wanna ride that bull because I know he will increase in value. Got it. Bullish=not gonna ghost you, gonna be worth a lot one day, only gonna get better, can see a future together.

Ok, so if i am bearish about a man, LORD HELP ME, because I do not feel good. If I’m bearish about a man, I only see things getting worse. Bears are scary. And so are men or investments you are bearish about. Things are falling. It's hard to know where you stand. You’re scheduling emergency therapy appointments and trying to learn how to meditate because you are bearish about the relationship and don’t know what else to do.

To learn even more about the terms “bullish” and “bearish,” watch this video.

I hope you are bullish about this blog because you know it’s only gonna get better. Got to go text my ex—stay rich bitch.