What to Do After A Lay-Off


It’s mid-afternoon on Easter Sunday so I decided it was appropriate to write this from bed. Baloo sent me one of their weighted blankets so I’m under that and sort of obsessed. I never really saw myself as a weighted-blanket gal but I think they legit work. Like dead ass - I feel relaxed.

Today I woke-up before 6 AM, wrote in my journal, read a bit and then did about 20 minutes of Taryn Toomey’s The Class before I got bored and made chicken soup instead. I have been making so many soups. What are you cooking during quar?

Ok, but enough about me and my so-called life. I KNOW WHY YOU’RE READING THIS. You got laid-off. I am SO sorry. This happened to me once and completely knocked me on my ass. I can only imagine having it happen now in the middle of a pandemic. There’s so much to worry about to begin with. A lay-off is the last thing you need. But - we can’t control what happens to us, we can only control how we react. So please, let me help you react properly. Watch the video below and do those 6 STEPS - okay? I need you to put yourself first right now and cover your damn ass.

Oh, and here are those links I promised about unemployment!

Learn How To File Unemployment Benefits In Your State

Learn How Much You Can Expect to Get / How Long

PSA: there’s a historic number of people RN filing for Unemployment so if the site crashes or you have trouble, just try and be patient and try doing it at an odd-hour. They’re working so hard to try and accommodate all the requests and you already have enough stress in your life, don’t add this to it.

Oh, and before you file, gather this information, they’re gonna ask for it:

- Personal information (social, bday, home addy, email, phone number)
- Employment history last 15-18 months Alien Registration # if you’re not a U.S. citizen
- Bank name, account number and routing number for direct deposits. Or Unemployment Assistance will send you a debit card.
- Info about your last employer: company’s name, boss’s name, their addresses/ phone numbers etc.
- Last date you worked and why you ain’t working no mo
- Earning the last week you worked