Salary Cuts

The only cut I am looking for these days is a haircut. Salary cuts - not so freaking much. And yet - they’re becoming the norm. Why? Because companies need to save money. There’s been a major halt in business because of the pandemic and many companies are just trying to stay afloat. But - no matter how much you understand the reason - it still sucks if it happens to you! I’m sorry. Truly. But also - check out the two videos below. They will help you navigate this situation in the best way possible.

Stay Rich Bitch
xx Haley


I called in the big guns aka @thefbinegotiator aka the author of my favorite book on negotiating - Never Split the Difference - to walk us through how to negotiate a salary cut. I am sure you feel pretty powerless right now but his advice is brilliant and will help you see the ways you actually do have some leverage and choice RN.


This video has specific steps to take after it happens. Let me know if you use them/if they help :)

AND REMEMBER: You cannot control what happens to you but you can control how you react. Try not to give into a victim mentality, when there’s a will there’s a way! I am rooting for you and know if you’re crafty and strategic, you can get through this on top.