How to Set Up Your Life After Graduating

When Vitamin C sang: “As we go on, we remember, all the time we shared together…” I don’t think she meant on ZOOM, lol. But for Class of 2020 that was their reality! For which I am sorry - dudes and dudettes. You got played by the pandemic but honestly, you still GRADUATED! So Congrats! And even though the future looks unsure, don’t worry, I obvi have got your back. Here are some tips to help you move into this next chapter of life even though right now it’s probably scary AF:

Step #1: Figure Out Your Priorities
Do you care more about where you live or what your job is gonna be post grad? I mean both are obvi important but which is your priority. Like are you someone who *has* to live in NYC and will be a waiter there if necessary just to take a bite of the Big Apple or are you determined to become a teacher and would take a job in a classroom no matter what state it’s in? Figure out what your priority is- where you live or your profession and then you can go from there! 

Step #2:  Build Your Network
LinkedIn is the new Instagram, so spend some time becoming very comfortable on it. Your net worth is your network, so if you want a high net worth, you better start growing that network. Don’t be shy!

Step #3: Get a Handle Financially
Student loans are scary! I get it. You sign a piece of paper every year and never really conceptualize what it means and then you graduate and find out you owe the government a LOT of money! But instead of freaking out or ignoring your loans, take an evening to get comfortable and familiar with them. Really work to spend less than you’re making and set money aside that is solely for the paying off your loans. This will give you the chance to pay them off more quickly! And is also just a good overall financial habit :)

Step #4: Screw timelines
Everyone’s timelines went out of the window because of COVID, and maybe that’s a good thing. Don’t be stressed that you are “behind” in life or that things are not turning out how you expected. Comparing yourself to others only takes time away from working on yourself. Just try and go with the flow as much as you can, especially because truly so much is out of your control right now.

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