How to Get Your Donation Matched at Work

Does your company have an employer matching program? AMAZE! This is a great way to multiply the effect of your charitable contribution.

However, the match is not gonna happen automatically. You need to initiate the process!!

Use the steps below to make sure you’re actually securing the employer-match BAG:

1. Find an organization to support that is dedicated to dismantling racism❤️⁣

2. Check that it’s eligible for gifting

3. Make your gift! $$$ Every dollar counts.

4. Fill out ur company’s matching-gift form (should be on their website... MUST be done!)

5. Wait! The nonprofit has to VERIFY your donation before the match is processed. This may take a while. Be patient and send monthly reminders. ⁣
Hope this helps. Matching gifts are one of the main sources of revenue for non-profits so we do NAWT want them to miss out on your company’s casholaaaa!!