How to Get a New Job RN

Hello my peeps,

This is your life.
You’re 28.
You’re writing a blog post but calling it a diary entry.
You are about to have dinner with your parents because you live with them now.
You are trying to help people get a new job.

Just me? Ok well, before I go drink Rose with my dogs, let’s quickly jump into today’s topic which is how to get a NEW JOB. Because it’s Job Week, duh.

There’s a million reasons why this is a bad time to get a job. Yup, I damn said it. Unemployment rates are at an all-time high. Companies are cutting positions left and right. It feels weird RN to network. I get it!! But guess freaking what. It’s always a bad time to get a job. Like when has it ever been easy breezy beautiful Covergirl to get one? NEVER! Ok, maybe that ONE time my Mom hired me to clean her car but usually, it's a struggle.

I bring this up because I want to rid you of your limiting beliefs.

You can get a job right now. Or at least try! Which is much better than doing nothing, trust me.

So stay the course & be patient & use the 8-tips from this video. They really really work.