Home Tour: Mrs. Dow Jones's NYC Apartment

Ok so last summer, I moved into my first “big girl apartment.” It was a major step for me! I went from running my business out of an apartment with roommates, to running it out of a tiny one-bedroom where I would hide all my MDJ stuff in the tub if I had a guy over (still do this BTW lol) to running my business from an actual OFFICE in the fabulous two-bedroom apartment you see in the video below.

I have never lived in a space like this. I wake up everyday and try and be the person my apartment thinks I am. It’s a very chic pad! And as much I want to take credit for it, I can’t because I worked with a mastermind of a designer, Kate Marshall, who took my joie de vivre and translated it into decor. She is my design-soulmate! I want to work on all my future homes with her - especially now that I have gotten her comfortable decorating on a budget!

You see, Kate isn’t exactly “price-conscious.” She prefers quality over anything and falls in love with drapes the way most of us fall in love with a Hemsworth brother... So, when I told her what I had to spare for the project, she was less than thrilled. However, as you will see below, she eventually overcame that disdain and found ways to make my home a miniature Versailles without the price tag.

Hope these tips help you transform your space :)



+ Removable Wallpaper

+  Mirror, chandelier and umbrella holder I bought second hand! Kate took me thrift-store shopping in Connecticut and we found some great pieces. I really recommend buying second-hand furniture if you're on a budget! You can really find some steals.   

+ The marble was my biggest splurge. I saw it when we were thrift-store shopping and became obsessed. I couldn't stop thinking about it! So, 2 weeks later, I called the shop and made my purchase. I haven’t questioned it a day since. 



+ Removable Wallpaper

+ Rug is the Duprine Rug from Feizy
   Black - Design Number 0560F

+ Pillows were mostly custom (Kate had lots of fabric samples, so we took the ones we liked and had them stuffed! Good budget hack.)

+ The wall of icons was done by Framebridge. They nailed it. If you’re doing a gallery wall, def use them. Oh, and make sure you alternate frame styles/ size- we mounted some photos and not others and have many different size frames.

+ All My Fav Finance Books from my office are on MDJREADS

+ All the topiaries are fake from Amazon. I potted them with extra moss in $10 pots from Home Depot.



+ Rug is the Lorraine Blush from Feizy
Design Number 8571F

+ I bought the Orange Tree in the flower district at CFD. Go early in the morning! It's one of my fav things to do in NYC. Oh, and yes- it’s fake (shh don’t tell). My love for it is real though. Also- this was one of those things that I didn’t understand why I was buying but Kate made me get and now I'm fully obsessed. It truly makes the space.

+ Couch is from my old apartment. This is the power of buying not shitty furniture. It legit can last for like 10 years. 

+ Lamps are vintage from my parents. 

+ Leopard pillow

+ Chair 
WARNING: DO NOT PAY FULL PRICE for this chair. Not worth it at all. I got it 40% off- some sort of Labor Day flash sale. TBH, the quality sort of sucks but it's cute so only get it if you can snag a deal.

+ All My Coffee Table Books Are from Assouline.

+ For the garden image above the couch, I used this one from Shutterstock.
Then I edited it into two squares on Photoshop and had Framebridge frame them. Here’s the frame we used.



+ Removable Wallpaper

+ Rug is the Odell Light Blue from Feizy
Design Number 6385F

+ All My Linens are from Matouk

+ Bed, sconces, bench, and TV all stolen from my parents, hehe.

+ The bedroom lampshades are from Fermoie (these were expensive but Kate convinced me and yes, she was right.)

+ The tiny pillow cases are from D. Porthault. One day, when I am rich, I will buy more than a tiny pillowcase from them, but for now this will do.



+ All my plates and glasses are from Canvas Home. I did the Pinch Collection!

+ I used these removable tiles from Roommates Decor to upgrade my rental kitchen - major key alert hehe.