FREE Mother’s Day Presents

Mother’s Day is around the freaking corner and most of us are feeling everything BUT liquid. So, instead of wasting your stimulus check at the Gucci Store buying mommy loafers, gift mom one of these 3 FREE presents instead. 

1. Bippity Boppity Boop Her Cabinets 🧚‍♀️

Are you living with your parents during quarantine like me? Sweet - then this gift is for you. Sneak into your Mom’s cabinets and organize them for her! Even doing this to like, a spice drawer is nice. Or do a deep clean! The point is - make a part of her house way better as a gift. Trust me-  she will appreciate it!

2. Make Her A Vision Board ✨

Are you far away from mommy? Send her a vision board! Over the years, I have given my mom SO many vision boards. It’s seriously such a great gift! Trust me. And they’re fun to make. Find images that remind you of her - either from a magazine or print it out from Pinterest - and put them on a poster board. I always like to include quotes too and pictures of my mom with people she loves. It’s a great gift to bring positivity and joy, which we all need right now.

3. Food, duh.  🍽️

Ok so if you’re living with Mommy RN, then it’s your civic duty to make her breakfast on Mother’s Day! That’s a no brainer and def counts as a gift if you do it right. Wake-up early, set a nice table, make her favorite kind of pancakes and give her a card. And if you’re far away from her, why not send her some treats? Homemade cookies are always a cute thing to mail.  

Anyways, hope this helped. Remember - money does not equal love so don’t stress if you can’t splurge and instead give her something from your heart hehe.
Happy Mother’s Day!